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Irma Swynen

After her training at the Royal Balletschool of Antwerp Irma Swynen got in the project ' Studio Ballet' by Jeanne Brabants . She was a teacher at the Stedelijke Leergangen for Ballet in Antwerp and at different stages . After her education she continued to follow various seminars, including with the famed ballet pedagogue Dr. Puttke Martin , director of the " Staatliche Balletschule Berlin" and at the Vaganova Institute in St. Petersburg . In 1975 she founded the ballet school Dansstudio Arabesque. She is co- founder, a president of the  “Flemish Association for Dance Educators " .She was a teacher and choreographer at the Seminario Internacional de Danca of Brazil and visiting professor at the Conservatory of Antwerp. She mounted her choreography dance-e - motions in the opera school of Vienna and in the Palucca School in Dresden.
The choreographies Hoepla Choepla and fun at the Conservatory of Vienna.
The choreographies Spring, hoepla Choepla and
dance-e - motions have been danced at the gala shows of the Seminario de Danca of Brazil .
Irma won 3rd prize at the Choreographic Competition in Bethune in France in 1988.
In 1984 Irma organized the 1st edition of the International Dance Summer course Antwerp.
Irma was  honored as “Laureate of the arts” in 2001.
In 2003 she was teacher and choreographer at the 13th Seminario Internacional de Dança de Brasilia .
In 2014 she passes the torch to Genevieve Van Quaquebeke as artistic director of Dansstudio Arabesque.